The Online Oneness Homeland For Global Lightworkers

Borderless Chat Room

We create a Borderless Chat Room which was inspired in Paris Conference.It is going to dissolve all the national and language barriers created by the dark control grid so that everyone can communicate and interchange equally.When the user signs up he will be able to choose his native language so as all contents will be automatically translated into his native language.

In the chatroom we have a button to link to the Lightworkers Radiostation and Interviewroom.The radiostation will play music all day long based on the spiritual singers recommended in the 2012portal blog or singers who have collaborated with the Light Forces.

Crystal Tree

we have prepared some Practical tools for lightworkers,it’s called crystal tree in the app.
The planetary energetic leyline system allows users to upload their own bury-work data.Users can also view different grid system on the map directly,such as goddess temples,or global negative weapon systems.

Global meditation audio,Users can upload their own meditation audio in different languages here, which will be open to all users worldwide.

Quiz Section

we have a quiz section which will archive all the important information of 2012portal blog and published in the form of multiple choices. Every user can get a title by doing the quizes and through which you can realize the mastery degree about the information of yourselves.

We also prepare an online library. We will also collect all the recommended books introduced by 2012portal blog. In addition, we have a collection of 1,500 ancient literatures from China which contain records of body self-cultivation and some beautiful pictures on astronomy and ancient science.And all users can upload their own collections and the uploader can get a reward.


We have completed the initial setup of this app with our own funds and open to all users worldwide freely. And we look forward to your participation in the future for continuous improvement. You can donate through PayPal account to contribute to the online home of Global Lightworkers.

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